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FAQs About Applying to an Online Medical Coding Training Program

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What do you need to know before applying to an online medical coding training program? You're ready to make a change and start a new career. But you don't have the education or credentials to apply for your first job. Before you make the leap into the health records industry, take a look at what you need to know about becoming a coder, the online medical coding courses application process, and getting into your top-choice program.

Which Type of Medical Billing and Coding Program Should You Apply To?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), health records professionals (such as coders) need at least a post-secondary degree to start an entry-level job in the field. This means you will need to apply to a certificate, associates, or similar program. Even though you will need to select a program that offers this type of degree award, you still have choices. Some students may need a part-time program or a school that offers flexible cyber learning. Online CPC classes allow students who work, have children, or have other family obligations to maintain a school-life balance.

When Can You Apply to a Medical Coding Program?

There's no universal answer to this question. The application period varies by school. While some schools accept applications on a rolling basis, others have strict deadlines. Along with rolling versus deadline types of issues, different schools have different semester quarters or start times. This means you will need to speak with an admissions counselor or school representative to learn more about when you can apply and which start date is the closest to the application date.

What Are the Prerequisites for Medical Billing and Coding School?

Like the application date, the specific prerequisite classes you will need vary by program. In general, a health records type of program may require new students to complete general academic, medical terminology, or basic biology/science classes before accepting them. Some health and science classes aren't always necessary for acceptance. It's possible a school may accept students into the program while they are taking a terminology, information science, or healthcare-related class or if the student plans to complete the requirement during the first semester, quarter, or school session.

What Will You Need To Apply To School?

Along with the necessary prerequisites, you will need to submit other information or documentation to your potential future medical coding school. Again, talk to the school's admissions staff about the program-specific requirements. You may need to provide your high school transcripts (or evidence of an equivalency), official post-secondary transcripts from any college or trade school that you've attended, references, and possibly an essay or intent statement.

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